Our Civil Engineering services are focused on producing effective, quality civil designs that are unique to each project. By collaborating closely with our clients and the design team, we deliver value-focused civil solutions that provide the best results for our client and the community.

We offer an extensive range of planning services specific to each project, from early conceptual stages to final design. Our planners are dedicated to obtaining project entitlements and municipal approvals by working closely with our clients and collaborating with the design team to make the vision a reality.

We strive to create inviting outdoor places that encourage communities to interact with nature. Through the creative design process our team promotes authentic projects from our expertise in grading, hardscape, landscape and irrigation.

The Land Surveying experts at G&A Consultants provide a full-range of services to assist our clients with the development and acquisition of property. These services are available throughout the development process and are essential during the platting, design, and construction stages.